Suddenly there isn't true... There is another avenue...
Author: fearless_to_fly
Length: [series] COMPLETE
Fandom: DBSK, various.
Disclaimer: Fiction. Never happened. Don't own.
Pairing: JaeMin
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU, mild language, mild alcohol-abuse.
Genre: romance (+ comedy?).
Summary: 6 ступеней эволюции от "рядом" к "вместе" =) от "ДжеДжун и ЧанМин" к "ДжеМин" =)))
как-то так =)

bedazzled :right: when i wish upon you :right: just for the night :right: not in an instant; not overnight :right: the reason why Shim Changmin doesn't date anymore :right: haven't you heard

@темы: Рекомендации, Рейтинг: PG-13, Размер: Миди, Жанр: Флафф